For our first class project we were asked to create a well designed website using WordPress displaying and showcasing products of good industrial design. Each of us were to choose two products in which we felt were a good representation of this. We were all to provide the content for each of our products including; a minimum of four high quality images, at least three paragraphs of written content about our products, as well as videos and links to internet sites that our products are featured in. After this was complete and reviewed by the instructor, the students were to pool all this information together in order to form the entirety of the content on this site.

Some restrictions were given when handed this project such as no apple products, computers or cell phones could be used. The products also had to be of some value from a design standpoint and had to be manufactured items (not personal items) that exemplified this.

The products that I chose to do my research on were the KitchenAid Stand Mixer and the Dyson Cyclone Vacuum.