Poppy Pour Over


Every coffee lovers dreams has come true: Introducing the Poppy Pour Over artisanal coffee maker machine, the worlds first fully automatic pour-over coffee maker. Each Hopper holds up to 1 1/4 pound of coffee beans. Beans are grounded directly before brewing for maximum freshness. Water reservoir holds up 50oz. Double walled grippable glass for maintain a ideal drinking temperature.

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The creators of Poppy Pour Over carefully designed this machine in San Francisco, a place where the pour-over has been perfected. The makers of this machine knew and understood the importance of a truly outstanding cup. This machine was designed to revamp the boutique brewing experience in your kitchen.

Looks about as hip as possible, with beans in the top and coffee in the bottom. You can change water temperature, grind size, and brew time on the fly to customize until you reach your perfect cup of coffee.


Each Poppy product can connect to the Wink app, so you can control, monitor, or schedule them from anywhere at any time. Smart sensors know when its time to refill your coffee, filters, and more. This machine makes life so much simpler, because it finally relieves you of the responsibility of keeping track of and replenishing your coffee-making supplies.

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