YM-6100 5 Octave Marimba


The YM-6100 5 Octave Artist Model Marimba is Yamaha’s flagship instrument. Inspired and designed with the help of virtuoso Keiko Abe, this instrument is the result of over 40 years of research and development. The graduated Honduran rosewood bars are hand-selected to guarantee a warm, earthy tone, and each bar goes through a Yamaha-exclusive tuning process to ensure that each note is true. In order to lengthen the lifespan of marimba cord, Yamaha has developed and included a cord that is 13 times stronger than the industry standard.

Evolution of The Marimba!


Artist Model resonators have openings that face the audience, and feature a fine-tuning system for the lower register, so you can micromanage each note’s tuning whenever you want. The resonators are also welded and attached with strong nuts and bolts, and are designed using a denser, thicker alloy than other Yamaha marimbas, resulting in a richer sound and no rattles. Additionally, the resonators have a cut-away design and a 3-position tracking system, allowing you to make changes based on climate conditions to create the best possible sound in any environment; this system also reduces the total weight of the marimba and helps strengthen the frame. The marimba is height-adjustable – one person can easily change the height of the marimba from 34 5/8″ to over 40″ with the pneumatic struts in the legs.

Every note is really clear, and you don’t get that harsh, thin sound like some others. From the highest note to the lowest there is a homogenous sound which makes this instrument sound really fantastic.


Tear-down and transportation is also a simple process. The resonators and rails are hinged, folding up to become as compact as possible, while the rest of the instrument comes apart easily piece by piece. When reconstructed, the marimba can be wheeled effortlessly across rooms with the help of the 4″ casters. This instrument also includes a padded cover, as well as cases for every part of the instrument.

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