n55 Viabizzuno Light Fixtures


For as long as we live, light, and light fixtures will always be a part of our existence. As we continue to pass through time sustainability, and the green movement has influenced the majority of electrical appliances. At times the importance of something being green forward has taken away from the appearance of such items. Prioritizing the world’s green evolution over elements of design seems like the right step.


At Viabizunno, and Italian design company, the green evolution is just as important as the design. Sacrificing either for the other doesn’t seem likely for this company. They have engineered a series of light fixtures known as the N55 series that appeal to both the “go green” audience, and those for an eye for beautiful things.

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For Milan Design Week, the Italian lighting manufacturer Viabizzuno has created one of the most spectacular installations – a series of silos filled with incredible lighting scenarios – and released one new and ingenious product.


The N55 fixtures are minimal and vary in shapes and sizes. The fixtures are modern in an industrial format, and screw on like all regular lightbulbs. These light fixtures set themselves above from the rest in both sustainability, and appearance.

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