If you’re an adrenaline junkie, or a camera tech fanatic, Nick Woodman’s name might ring a bell. If it doesn’t that’s okay, because you don’t need to know his name in order to at least know the name, GoPro. GoPro who in 2012 was the first ever company to beat out Sony in camera sales. GoPro has launched a new wave of experience for the digital image, and video world.

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Before GoPro, if you wanted any footage of yourself doing anything at all, you not only needed a camera, you needed another human. If you wanted the footage to be good, you needed that other human to have skill with the camera.


This small compact camera has made its way into daily life, from thrill seekers, to surgeons, to kids just trying to gain a few extra likes on social media, it’s become a fad that nearly any first world person can relate to. GoPro allows you to share first person point of view adventures, and take us to the depths we are willing to experience.


The GoPro camera can range from a cost of 200-400 dollars depending on your needs, or wallet. Its small compact nature allows the camera to be mounted anywhere you can imagine, while allowing the rest of your body to adventure and live in the moment.

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